Top books a Swing Traders must read

These are some books we recommend you before you start swing trading stocks.

English Books:

Swing Trading With Technical Analysis

Swing trading is all about taking a position in stocks for a few trading days or a few candles depending on the time frame you trade in.
This book will teach you the basics of swing trading and how it is different from other trading strategies like intraday trading or positional delivery based trading or investing.

Trading and Technical Analysis Course: How to Trade Safely and Profitably

How To Trade Safely And Profitably - Step By Step
This book shows you, step-by-step, how to combine the stock picking and market timing capability of technical analysis with the power of disciplined trade entries and trade management strategies. Result: Safe and profitable trading. Mastering Technical Analysis : How to use various technical analysis concepts and tools, including

How to Make Money Trading with Candlestick Charts, Paperback, by Balkrishna M Sadekar (Author)

This book intends to make the reader a master in his trade provided he follows the explained concepts of candlestick trading effectively. The Japanese have practiced candlestick techniques in trading and candle signals for over four centuries to fill up their treasuries. Refined and revised over the due course of time, these signals are now utilized all over the world for trading in finance markets, stocks and derivatives.

Hindi Books: